Sandbag training at CFB

 WOD 11/7/11

4 Rounds – each for time:
10 Chest to bar Pullups
20 Kettlebell Swings
50 Double Unders


rest 3 minutes between each round

November 12 is the Houston Competition Hammer & Chisel hosted by Atomic CrossFit. If you’re looking to carpool post some comments and get a group together. We have a lot of athletes competing so if you want to come show your support there will be lots of CFB & CFMC athletes to watch.


Sunday Open Gym – It’s from 2-3pm at CFMC the 1-15th of every month. It’s 2-3pm at CFB the 16-31st of every month. You must RSVP by calling, emailing, or texting Neal or Stefan depending on which gym is hosting the class.

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