Fluid Motion


WOD 10/25/12

Skill Work:

Kipping and Butterfly Pull-Ups

Handstand Holds, Push-ups, and Walking


“San Francisco Crippler”

For Time:

30 Back Squats (Body Weight)

1000m Row

1000m Run



The workout “San Francisco Crippler” is just the squats and row. Today we are adding in the extra 1000m Run at the end, JUST FOR FUN! Refer to 2/13/12 for old scores.



We will not be having a stretch class this Saturday. The 9am stretch class will resume November 3. We will have be doing two workouts starting at noon Saturday for those athletes preparing for upcoming competitions. However, these workouts are open to anyone that would like to join us. Be there early to warm up on your own, first WOD starting around 12:20, second WOD starting before 1pm.

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