Fill The Board!


1239430_10151928276557845_123032019_nWOD 10/2/13

500m Row Time Trial


Max Push-Ups

In order to RX -Men on Rings, Bicep must touch ring at bottom. Women on ground, Chest and only chest must touch ground. You can rest at the top of push-up as long as necessary.


Max Distance Broad Jump


Max Unrboken KB Swings (70/55)


Max Unbroken Double Unders (or singles)


The 5 above are the Workout Of The Day – Everyone must attempt them but you can do them in any order you wish.





When you’ve completed the workout above you can try as many as you wish from the following list:

Max Distance Handstand Walk

Max Height Box Jump

Max Toes To Bar

Max Weighted Pull-Up

Max Rope Climbs in 5 minutes (touching beam)

Max Unbroken Muscle-Ups

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