Climbing 101


WOD 10/5/12

EMOM for 10 minute 1 Power Clean + 1 Split Jerk @ 90% (of 1RM Power Clean).


In 12 minutes complete:

100 UnBroken Double-Unders

With remaining time AMRAP of…

7 Deadlifts 275/185#
25 Burpees


Notes: The 100 Double-Unders are a “buy-in”. when the 12 minute clock starts they must be completed before moving on to the AMRAP. The TOTAL TIME of the entire piece is 12 minutes. If you do not complete the 100 Double-Unders in the 12 minutes your score is ZERO. If 100 seems too difficult, scale the number of mistakes you allow yourself or the number of double unders you need to complete.

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