Denver Knockin' out Butterfly Pull-Ups

WOD 2/10/11

“Air Force WOD”
20 Thrusters
20 Sumo-Deadlift High Pulls
20 Push Jerks
20 Overhead Squats
20 Front Squats
Every minute on the minute perform 4 burpees. The prescribed weight is 95#/65# for all movements.
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  • JJ

    not making tomorrow for a rest day but there is a wod on the main site that i know i can own my girl kristan on!!!

  • Jacob

    Im pretty sure you would kill Kristan if you went 65 lbs. Pretty weak time.

  • JJ

    seriously i know…and she calls herself the fittest ‘woman’ on earth

  • JeremyWF

    6:55 @ 75#. I started the workout with 4 burpees since I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to or not. Kind of wish I would have tried 95#, but I was worried about dropping the weight at the gym. I miss Crossfit. It is hard to push yourself when you are by yourself.

  • Neal

    8:32 @ 105# That was a really hard workout

  • Clayton

    9:43 Rx…ouchie

  • Sean

    13:54 RX. This was one of those WODs you hate that you RX’d until you finish and then you’re oh so glad you did

  • hardyf

    Sounds like I missed out on a real A__ kicking

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