You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out


WOD 12/9/10

“Death By Man-Makers”
On the first minute complete 1 man-maker, 2 on the second minute, and so on until you are no longer able to complete the amount of reps within the minute.
Man-Maker: With 2 dumbbells, drop down and do a push up while holding the DBs, squat clean the dumbbells into a thruster…that’s 1 rep. Enjoy.

As Fast As Possible:
400m Run w/ vest (45#/30#)
15 Tire Flips
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  • Clayton

    “Don’t vomit on yourself, it’s also not acceptable to poo on yourself”..Just when I thought this guy was worth listening to *shake my head*

  • toben

    i am almost considering taking my rest day and sullying it w/ this WOD… hmm… i still owe 191 burpees in the AM and i guess i will take stock of my day from there.

  • Miranda

    For some reason I thought the title had something to do with the video and I was prepared for him to let go of that strap and hurt his face! But dont poo yourself wow. LOL

  • Jaywes23

    5 rx, mr Pukie on rd 6

  • Sheree

    ^&*$ it! I want to play with tires. Of course they do it on a day I’m not able to go. (Not too sure about the manmakers. Would probably be done pretty fast.)

  • JJ

    7 rounds at 30 #

    2:40 rx on 2nd wod

  • Miranda

    10 rds @ 10 lbs… skipped the running. not ready for high impact. soon I hope!

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