How to not put chalk on your hands

WOD 5/31/12

15 minutes to establish a 1RM Push Jerk & Split Jerk. Check out the photos of each to see a breakdown of each movement.


3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
20 KB Swings 55/35
15 T2B

We will not have a stretching class at 9am this Saturday but we will have our normal 10 & 11am classes. The stretching class will resume the following Saturday, June 9.

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  • Sheree Pierce

    Oops, I think I may have been guilty of a chalk violation today. will pay more attention.
    Too wobbly to do split jerk but got to 98# for push jerk for a 5# pr. Wasn’t pretty, but it locked out!
    16:04 on the wod doing knees UP. Not sure how close the ever got to my elbows. this is one of those sneaky wods that zaps your strength before you realize it. Got to experience that wonderful CFB “community” as I was WAY after everybody else finishing. Thanks, y’all! Have a great weekend.

  • Neal

    185 push jerk
    235 split jerk

    8:51 RX

    Cashed out with a set of 10 back squats at 225 and some double unders

  • Scott

    Just missed 185 # on push jerk. 11:21 RX KB, started out T2B, ended K2E. Too slow on T2B. Mostly proud of the fact that after the WOD I got 19 unbroken double-unders, new PR. Bought my own rope. I’m going to master those DU’s if it kills me.

  • JJ

    messed around a bit with the jerk portion. stayed at 155# didnt hurt the hammy but i was skeptical

    fun wod with the 2nd heat. i finished 13:04 rx with a super slow running pace and slow T2B…

    im almost there. maybe another week and then its game on@!==$#$^%*^$%&#$@

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    13:27 rx

    was moving well but the tank hit empty on the last round

  • Erica

    143 on push jerk, splits not for me
    12:45 RX on the wod. Chased jeremy the whole time. Fun wod at 1130!

  • hardyf

    215# on push jerk, 11:22 on WOD with 45# KB and knees to elbow

  • burt

    185 push and split jerk

    10:33 rx, chasing Josh the whole time, love dropping in at CFB, I always end up pushing myself a little harder than I normally would. You guys have some awesome athletes!

  • Garret

    245# push jerk;265#split jerk;10:29 knees to elbow

  • Clint

    175 push jerk. 11:04 on the WOD. Subbed row for run.

  • Madison

    Matt made me do it!

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