Workin’ It


Beverly Doin' Work!

WOD 6/3/11

Dips 10-10-5-5-3-3

5 Rounds:

7 Cleans

200m Run

7 Front Squats

Rest approximately 2 minutes between each round. Score is total time to complete all 5 rounds.

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  • Jay

    Doin’ the bull dance, feelin’ the flow

  • Jason

    I dont understand that statement Jay. I will be going hard at the 6 pm.

  • JJ

    me and jay battled at CFMC. without my long rope i was not even close to him on DU’s. he went 88 and 12 on the 100 buy in and under a minute…took me sets of about 10 at best to finish mine in a little over 2 min.

    then 7 rounds plus 16 reps RX for me
    jay 8 rounds plus 16 reps RX

    wod was AMRAP in 12
    100 DU buy in
    10 Wall Ball 20#
    10 lunges
    10 russian twist

  • Jaywes23

    Lol, It’s from Happy Gillmore, Jason. I was playing off the title of today’s post
    “Doin’ the bull dance, feelin’ the flow, workin’ it workin’ it”
    Good heads up today JJ

  • Jason

    I got to WOD with Miranda, Erin and Sara. You are a solid group of fire breathers. It’s tough getting smoked by a girl. Great work Sara. I hate to lose but you earned it. 9:37 @135#. Dips x3 @53#.

  • nakia Langley

    12:21 @ 73#’s

  • Miranda

    I can’t remember my time but it was awesome to work out with this group! I’m so proud of all of you!

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