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That's Levitation, Holmes!

 WOD 4/13/12

Front Squat 7-7-7-7-7


5 Rounds: rest exactly two minutes between each round. Score is total time including the 8 minutes of rest between each round

200m Run

25 Air Squats

10 Cleans (155/105)


We will not have a stretching class this Saturday. We will have our normal members class at 10am then our free class at 11am. Don’t forget to join us at CrossFit Bridge City for the Crawfish Boil starting at 12:30!


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  • kimball

    So this will be the 4th day I’ll have to miss this week due to work… Sign I need a new “crossfit schedule friendly” job? Probably!

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    man this looks like a fun wod. 200m is something i can handle, sort of. wish i could make it in today but i have too much on my plate. i’m starting my 11:30 classes monday cause i start nights next week. see ya’ll then. everyone have a great weekend and enjoy all the crawfish!

  • Garret

    Sorry buttercup. I’m going to try and be there at 5pm today;otherwise, I may have to miss today too. If so, I’ll be at 10am tomorrow morning before the crawfish boil. This looks like another good one, and I need to work on my front squats.

  • Cody

    Last set 275 fs 5 reps. 18:24 Rx

  • Garret

    Nice job Cody. . . 275 for 5 and 18:24 on the WOD. . . pretty awesome.

  • Jj

    165 on the front squat. Not max

    21:46 rx for the metcon

  • Neal

    225×7, tried for 245 but only got 4 reps. Ouch.

    17:35RX somehow my first round was by far my slowest. Rounds 4 and 5 were my fastest because I got all 10 cleans unbroken.

  • Scott

    165 x 7 (tried 185 x 7 – no go though).
    20:46 using 115 lbs.
    Nothing spectacular this week (not RX’ing like I want), but still just glad I’m able to find the time to make it to CFB somewhat regularly.

  • MarcusM

    Awesome noon class great job everyone.
    Topped out at 205# on front squat.
    140# @ 21:52 on the WOD.

  • Brandon

    Stopped light on the FS. Don’t remember the weight, Karen might. I keep wanting to rock onto my toes…and shouldn’t be doing that when barefoot. Hip flexor still tingling and cramping some today, made the air squats hell.

    18:00 @ 115#, row instead of run (:48 per 200m). Finished off by cleaning 155 that Neal was lifting. That felt pretty awesome, didn’t even have to go below parallel.

  • brandon

    I am a no math doing fool. 28:00.

  • nakia L

    Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

    all rounds of air squats un broken too 😉
    25:43 mins
    10310 x 7 on skill work

  • Jamie Coleman

    115# x 7 for the skill
    21:20 85#

    Great job Nakia!!! My lil 85# was killing me…lol!

  • nakia L

    Thanks Jamie … oh and it’s 103#only x7 for skill work…lol

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