WOD 4/8/10

Deadlift 5-5-5
3 Rounds:
15 Pull-Ups
15 Dumbbell Lunges/leg (20#/10#)
15 Overhead Squats (95#/65#)

Wall Ball - Everyone's Favorite

What’s your favorite part about CrossFit Beaumont? Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Neal

    My favorite part of CFB would have to be the good looking members. Definitely the hottest gym in town.

  • Michutka

    He’ll yeah. Coach Neal D. Riley is fine too. 😉

  • shannon

    More pull-ups YESS I’ll be thur!

  • Michutka

    Totally meant to say hell. Stupid iPhone.

  • JPickering

    There’s never a doubt you will be in GOOD COMPANY at CFB. No matter how bad the workout hurts, there’s always that guy or gal to cheer you on. OR, if you’re lucky, poke a little fun at you!!

  • juggernaut

    DJ Riley’s awesome mix; and the Upstairs Lounge…

  • jdcornett

    I like being a part of the greatest cult to ever hit southeast Texas.


  • randacm83

    Jondaniel! I just said the same thing last night talking to someone about how I love it. I was saying I have never done any weight lifting until I joined the crossfit cult LOL.

    I would love to come on my days off just to push peolple!

    I love how deticated everyone is, and when your pushing yourself to get it done, and look up to see someone doing something that makes you crack up laughing and forget about the pain.

  • JRu

    The people and the RESULTS! Those are my top two for sure.

  • Partha

    I love that we push limits. People were always telling me to “give it your all,” to “do your best,” and to “know your limits.” It’s very hard to push yourself hard while everyone around you is just sitting still and watching. There’s no motivation or expectation for you to actually push to your limit. No one but you can know your limit and so pushing just hard enough became a standard for my older workouts. After starting CrossFit, the environment changes. You are working out with people on a common standard. Everyone is in the same boat and we intend to struggle together to get out of the storm in one piece. Even the bystanders who are watching are yelling their guts out because they know/will know of the pain that you are going through. The expectations, the encouragement, and the camaraderie take you to the limit, that 100%. It doesn’t stop there because now you know where you are strong and where you struggle. You know that when your workout partner is holding two 53# kettlebells while you row 500 meters, he is praying that you will take it to the next level, that you will step beyond your limits. The best part is that you will, and that’s what I love about CrossFit. Push limits.

  • Scott Caldwell

    70# OHS
    my glutes are h8nit

  • randacm83

    I got a 1.4 mile run in 15 minutes 😉 That is GREAT for me! Yeeeah

  • Michutka

    11:24 rx
    lunges gave me some troubles.

  • JeremyWF

    95# x1 65#x2 OHS
    20# lunges
    blue band

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