Virtuosity Is Key


Sean During Open Workout 11.5 - Sean Has Virtuousity

WOD 4/25/11

Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

For Time:




Back Squat (95/65)

Post Snatch weight and WOD time to comments!

Virtuosity – Doing the common uncommonly well.

This is what we strive for at CFB. This is what you should strive for everyday when you come to workout with us. Have perfect reps every time – If we’re doing push-ups make them perfect; if we’re squatting make sure you go as low as possible. Master the basics. Become the athlete that everyone else looks up to.

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  • Austin

    Nice work Sean. 95# Snatch; couldn’t quite get under 105#. 11:31 this morning (85#/Red band).

  • Sheree

    You were WAY out ahead of us this morning. Good work, Austin.
    I think I was 13:37 with 45# and green/purple then grn/blue. Realized I should have hung a red band instead of blue…still kicked me!

  • JJ

    sorry i broke the pull up bar today – but good news is a PR’d my snatch by 10# up to 130# and felt solid on catching it low

    9:44 rx. kinda lost workout mood after the bar broke

  • Jaywes23

    Sloppy 145# on snatch
    10:50 rx, subbed 95# sdlhp in for pullups, good work Nedab

  • Jim M

    8:43 RX pull ups got me thanks for the push JJ

  • Nedab

    135# snatch… goal is to get lower!!!
    8:40 rx 95# sdhp sub for pullups

  • Jason

    130# and ugly. All power snatch because my overhead position and flexibility suck. 8:14 Rx. I got to do pullups not those awful SDLHP.

  • Sean

    Really hate that I missed this one, it looks like it was a fun one. I’m quite flattered to be described as having virtuosity.

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