WOD 8/17/12

Power Clean & Push Jerk – work up to a heavy single, then complete 7 reps at that heavy single. rest 60 sec.


4 rounds each for time (not including C2B) and total reps of C2B:

50 Double-Unders
10 Push Jerks @ 115/75#

*Rest 30 seconds before C2B.

ME UB C2B Pullups
*Rest 1 minute before starting next round.

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  • Jason

    Looks like a fun WOD. I will never do the one from that photo again. KP nearly killed me with that one.

  • Aaron

    1:31,15/1:42,10/2:07,10/2:14,15 (115#, 3x su)

  • Sheree Pierce

    Jason was that the Easter WOD or Lumberjacked?

  • Scott

    Total time was 15:39. 95 lbs on PJ’s and 50 DU’s. 4 x 10 pullups no bands. Too slow today because I couldn’t get into a rythm on the DU’s – too many broken sets. Need to work on that more, so I can get 50 unbroken.

  • Clint

    I’m not sure why I thought of it today but when you do the math on some of these wods, the amount of weight that is moved in a short period of time is mind blowing. That’s my random thought for the day.

  • JeremyWF

    :33/:39/1:20/1:40 RX – I hit a wall on round 3 and just couldn’t move.

  • JJ

    I wonder why Jeremy posted his time today. And I wonder why he didn’t post his chest to bars. Weird

  • jeremywf

    I did 4×10 on chest to bar. Why you give me a hard time JJ? I admit I didn’t try on C2B.

  • Stephanie

    1:43,6/ 1:18,8/ 2:10,8/ 2:20,8
    Rx except the c2b. I did regular pull ups.

    Round #2 is what unbroken du’s can do to your time. Couldn’t find that rythem for the other rounds.

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