Two Dollar Bill


Clayton recently completed a 42'' box jump. Not too bad for a big guy!

 WOD 5/9/12

15 minutes Snatch technique work from the hang. If your form looks good continue to add weight. If form breaks down (not achieving full hip/knee extenion, don’t catch bar with elbows locked out, bar getting away from the body, bending arms early, not landing on heels, feet too wide, etc) remove weight.

10 minute AMRAP of:

15 Over-the-box Burpees (20/16)
20 KB Push Press 55/35 (10L/10R)


Starting this week CFB and CFMC will be following the same programming. We are excited about the next couple of months!

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  • Garret

    I noticed CFMC had the same WOD as us today. I think that’s a good idea. Looking forward to tomorrow’s workout. I need to work on my snatch technique, and that WOD looks interesting.

  • Matthew

    May have to go snatch needs work. See if I can get 5 days straight this week.

  • Jon

    I have no idea what an over-th-box burpee is but for some reason im not real excited about it, see yall this afternoon.

  • Garret

    Jon- it’s the traditional burpee but instead of jumping and clapping overhead, you’re going to be jumping over a 20 inch box. On a side note, I’m pretty sore from the last 2 days, but I’m planning on coming this evening.

  • Sheree Pierce

    I loved having 15 mins to work on technique. Lord knows I need it. Sarah and I only worked with 40# but I think we made progress.

    Finished mt 3rd round just as Kara called 5 seconds left. I only used the 30# kb and jumped over a 45# and a 25# plate stacked up. Scary jumping OVER something.

  • JJ

    4 rounds 35# . isolated push press on my left arm is not my strong suit

    looking forward to hopefully getting stronger in the next couple of months

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    4 rds 45#kb 16″box. jumping and landing like that is still a bit tough on the knee but i made it through.

  • Clint

    4 rounds (45# KB, 16″ box). Those over the box burpees were everybit as fun as I thought they’d be.

  • Miguel

    Now I can’t say CFB has better wods.

  • Greg

    3 rds plus 6 pushpress. I guess if I had done the burpees right I would have had more rounds. Burpee, jump over box, burpee was two not one. OOPS!

  • Scott

    Only 3 + rds. (got into my 4th round) RX on boxes. Started RX on KB’s, but 55 lbs. too heavy. Moved down to 45 lbs. I always seem to have this worry I’m going to trip and face-plant with the box jumps, so I didn’t go as fast as I probably should’ve.

  • Stephanie

    Only got 3rd w/16″ box and 26#kb. Jumping over the box was intimidating for me for sure.

    Maddie and Katie killed it though and totallyI “lapped” me. Congrats ladies.

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