Training Day


WOD 4/24/12

Overhead Squat 5-5-5-5-5


As quickly as possible:

800m run followed by
3 rounds:
10 Ring dips
20 Wall ball
10 Kettlebell Swings
800m Run

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  • Garret

    I will accept the honor of being the first to comment on today’s WOD. Looks like I need my running shoes today. Looking forward to working on my OHS. See y’all at 6pm.

  • Garret

    Please go look at CFMC’s WOD

  • Stutes

    Their WOD is CRAZY!!!!! I don’t mind burpees, I am even kind of good at them and I would never think of such torture……

  • Danielle H

    A 7 min AMRAP was enough and did me in….that would be a day i just wouldn’t go if we had 1000 burpees….i like to take challenges head on and have never turned one down….that would be numero uno…want no part of that whatsoever…Kudos to those who did it. However, our WOD for today looks like a good one!

  • Neal

    Worked up to 225X5 on OHS, got 235 for 2 reps.

    15:52 – subbed 5 muscle ups, 5 ring dips, 30# Med ball, 70# KB I took off about 150m ahead of JJ on the last run and he somehow caught up to me. Freaking awesome push, just wish I would have looked over my shoulder one more time! Great job JJ

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    17:00 rx. a little mad at myself for not finishing this one out. i was out the door for second 800m at about the 10 min mark. i was gassed.

  • Jj

    Did 135 not quite enough time for 145

    For the wod. 15:52 rx. Did one muscle up into the first ten dips. Second round did a muscle up and some dips. Fell of then got up again with a muscle up but hit some bad failure on my dips. I finished round two and round three just doing dips on low rings. Then came the run. Thank you neal for being so far ahead which allowed me to push myself to catch back up. I couldn’t let you beat me when you scaled up that much so I thought a tie was justified. Awesome job

  • nakia L

    Only 68#for x5 OH Squats … 19:14 on the Wod. Scaled up to 55#KB AND 20#WB. Blue band ring dips.

  • Sheree Pierce

    21:01 using red band for dips , 14# ball and a 35# kb.
    We did 5 sets of 45# ohs. Seems that we all needed a little work on form.

  • Greg

    14:59 on wod. 45#KB red band first round then blue last two on dips. Only 75# on the OHS but getting the form and finding my hand spacing has held me back.

  • Clint

    125 OHS. Ran out of time. Would Like to have tried 135. 15:22 RX on the WOD.

  • Jason

    155#. 4 reps @ 175#.
    13:32 just Rx on the WOD.

  • Jaywes23

    Bad day…125 x5
    Lots of people killing it today…JJ, lay off the juice! Nice work man

  • Scott

    13:21 all RX except got lazy on the dips – used red band.

  • Chris Adkins

    150 overhead squats. Around 20:00 on wod. Took a long time but scaled up. Muscleups into first ten and second seven dips. Then on lower rings to finish. 70# KB and 25# wall ball.

  • Dena

    93# on OHS
    15:50 on WOD with purple band on rings/14# WB/ and Neal talked me into to 55# KB. I aw gasping during the last 800.

  • Stephanie

    Yea, this one was scaled like crazy!
    16 something on time. Did red band dips on rd 1 and used the boxes for the last 2 rds. Used a 14# ball and switched to a 10# ball for last 11 reps. 35# kb aaaaaaaand scaled the last run to 600m.

    70# on the ohs

    Serious lower back cramping going on during the last set of wall balls. Really hurt the last run. “/

  • Garret

    135# OHS-ran out of time;15:46 WOD w/ 70#kb and 30#wall ball

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