Title Fight


...So Just Eat When You're Hungry

WOD 1/26/11

Max Rep Pull-Ups
Turkish Get-Ups 3-3-3-3-3 (per arm)
3 Rounds:
Max Burpees in 60 Seconds
Rest 120 Seconds
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  • Sheree

    Burpees 2 days in a row just ain’t right. Great workout this morning. Y’all wouldn’t be impressed with my results, (and I can’t even remember what they were) but I was WHUPPED when I got finished!

  • Traci

    It isn’t right at all, but looking forward to it!

  • Crystal K

    Good luck Traci!! I can’t make it in till Fri or Sat but I’ll be cheering for you from home!!

  • toben

    went one round w/ a 45# bar on the TGU’s and most of the rest w/ a 35# KB. I guess the stars were in alignment today being as though i finally got my first unassisted pull ups (11 for my max set!) and i grunted through 21, 22, 21 burpees on the time trial… all in all, a fine day at the Box.

  • Scott Caldwell

    13 pu x2
    17/18/19 burpees
    TGs really hurt my neck so only did 3 rnds @ 35#

  • Jacob

    55 on the Turkish Get up! Could have had 70 if I would have just manned up a little more.

  • JJ

    40# get ups
    35 pullups – 10 more than in september
    27 25 23 burpees. anyone beat this in the 7 pm,?

  • Jason

    70# TGUx3. 1 rep @ 90#. That was fun.

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