Tin Can


WOD 10/17/12

3 Sets:Not for time, rest as needed

10 Heavy Strict Pull-Ups

10 Ring Push-Ups (or difficult push-up)

30 seconds of max double unders



3 Rounds:

Band Sprints – From rig to bay door and back

10 Bumper Plate Burpees (45/25)


With your partner providing the band resistance you will sprint down and back and then complete your 10 burpees. Upon completion you will then hold the band for your partner and rest while they do their bumper plate burpees. Alternate until both partners have completed 3 rounds. The score is total time for you and your partner.



Please donate to our page to support Barbells For Boobs! If you plan on competing this weekend please donate before hand. If you can’t join us this Saturday please consider a contribution; every little bit helps. Thank you to everyone who has already contributed!

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  • Neal

    Alright guys, time to leave more comments or we’re going to start doing extra burpees during class

  • Sarah N.

    What’s a bumper plate burpee??

  • Jj

    I agree. It has been super weak. Everyone looks at the site so everyone should comment on how they do. It’s just common courtesy. 🙂 some people look at the site all day waiting to see times and instead we get broken hearts

  • Clint

    That’s a sick picture. Well done Matt Block!

  • kay

    Will you come up with a scaled version of this WOD? I hurt my foot, but I don’t want to sit at home.

  • Ruby

    I wish I could go!

  • Neal

    Kay, yes. We can always scale and substitute movements.

  • cody

    Wont be at the box the rest of the week. Going to NYC! Dropping in at reebok crossfit while im there!!!

  • Elyse

    Kara and I were partners this morning for the workout. 8:57 RX. I felt like a sled dog during those band sprints 😉

  • Brittany McD.

    Kay- ya motivated me! Almost sat today out over small injury (((( : See all in evening

  • Kara R

    LOVED working out with Elyse this morning. She was a beast with those band pulls. For the DUs I got 47, 56, and 55.

  • Drew

    i agree with Clint!

  • Kay

    Super scaled workout done…. Bum foot and all. Im finally graduated on the Pullups (blue & purple) rowed 2000 meters 9:51

  • Neal

    25# vest on all 3 sets of pull-ups
    25# vest on first 2 sets of push-ups, 25# vest and a 25# chain to look cool on last set
    61-62-60 on the double unders

    me and my partner josh finished about 11 minutes. I got distracted and accidently let go of the band while he was running and popped him pretty good. Sorry partner 🙁

    The big fan by the bay door was being blown into the gym and rolling towards everyone so I panicked and ran over to catch it

  • Ashley T.

    Like when we get a chance to work on du. Starting to get better at them. Even though I only got 4-5-5 that’s a lot better than when I started a month ago!

    Sarah and I did the workout in 13:48. Don’t think I will ever like burpees!

  • Michele Stone

    Hope I gave Danielle enough resistance!! I am SO GLAD I did not let go!!!

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