The Second 25th



WOD 6/25/13


“Kara’s 25th”

25 Minute AMRAP:

25 Double Unders

20 DB Snatch (10/arm) (45/30)

10 Bumper Plate Burpees (45/25)

100m Run


Happy 26th birthday to coach Kara! She liked her birthday workout so much last year that we’re doing it again!

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  • Heather

    Happy birthday Kara!!!!

  • Katy

    5 rds +25 du RX Happy birthday Kara!!

  • Ann

    Happy Birthday Kara!

  • Matt H.

    5 rds + 4 DBS RX
    PR on Double Unders today! (Good work Coach K)
    Happy birthday Kara! πŸ™‚

  • Lori

    Definitely not my best, but I am posting because it is Kara’s birthday and she asked everyone to!

    4 rounds – VERY modified after I apparently pulled something in my shoulder
    75 singles
    sub sit ups for DB Snatch
    sub sit ups for Bumper Plate Burpees
    200 m row

    Happy Birthday, Kara! Thank you for inspiring and encouraging me. There aren’t many other people who could make me look forward to getting up at 4:30 in the morning! πŸ™‚

  • Braxton

    6 rounds
    Happy birthday Kara!!!

  • Sheree Pierce

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KARA!!! I like your birthday wod, too. There are no box jumps or pull ups, or wall balls!
    I only picked up 3 bottle caps but actually got 4 rounds + 13 double under attempts.
    Scaling: 25 du attempts (probably got 15-20 per round), 25# db, and 15# bumper.
    Hope the rest of your day is FABULOUS!

  • Sean M.

    6 RDS + 15 snatches 45# db and plate, singles on jump rope.
    Happy birthday Kara!

  • Tammy

    Happy Birthday Kara!! Thanks for whippin’ my tail for your special day!!

    Got in 4 rounds!

    Thanks for encouraging and pushing!! πŸ™‚

  • Ashley Thorpe

    4 rounds + 3 burpees. 25# db 15# plate.

    Happy Birthday Kara! Thanks for all you do πŸ™‚

  • M. Vu

    6rds to 10DBS RX

  • Greg

    6rds + 20 snatch
    Happy Birthday Kara. Love ya.

  • Johnathan Harris

    Happy Birthday Kara!
    6rds + 10 burpees (scaled DU’s to 75 singles).

  • Stephen Maxwell

    Happy Birthday Yo!!

    5rds but scaled Doubles to 75 Singles.

  • Johnny P

    5 rounds. Scaled to singles

    Happy Birthday Kara! I appreciate your friendship, Cheers!

  • Juan M

    5 rds with singles subbed in for DU’s. Everything else RX

    Happy Birthday Kara!!

  • DHall

    Five +10 burpees RX

  • Kara R

    Thank you so much to everyone that helped me celebrate my birthday! You have no idea how much I appreciate it πŸ™‚ And especially to those who posted!

    6 rounds + 7 snatches RX

    Last year I barely got through 5 rounds, so I was excited! Thank you Neal, Elyse, Erica, Josh, and JJ for working out with me and pushing me this morning!

  • Brooke

    πŸ™‚ better late than never! Happy bday!

  • Neal

    8 Rounds + 12 snatches

    Happy Birthday, Coach!

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