The Road Less Traveled


WOD 4/22/10

Bench 3-3-3
5x400m Sprints
Rest approximately 3 minutes between each effort

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  • Michutka

    I love running 400s except for the fact that I have the knees of a 60 yr old man. They are really getting better though. Fish oil fish oil fish oil. And ice.

  • Clay

    I’m betting today is going to be another empty day at Crossfit… Too many people scared to run. Definitely a huge weakness of mine so I’ll be there.

  • Michutka

    I’ll always be there on the running, rowing, and thruster days. My least faves.

  • randacm83

    I won’t be there, but it was decided when Survivors started this season, that Thursday nights were my nights off. lol. I want to make this one up Sunday.

  • JeremyWF

    I wish I could make it today. I had meetings at lunch. I will have to go to my other gym at 5. I can’t wait for the 5 pm class to open up.

  • Scott Caldwell

    NEVER make the last run of the day. 100% of all major ski/snowboard injuries occur on the last run, even if it is the 1st run. I never go up mnt. for 1 more run.

    No 400s for me. Foot is trashed from Daniel.

  • Steverino

    I didn’t make the noon session. I had to go get the old car serviced. Almost put the car off another week so I could go.

  • Michutka


    awesome job to everyone that ran today. That was a tough but fun one for sure.

    185# x 3 on bench

  • Neal

    1:12, 1:06, 1:06, 1:04, 1:10

    210×3 on bench

    Hell of a job to everyone who worked out today. Proud of you guys

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