The Road Goes On Forever


WOD 9/10/11

3 Rounds:

AMRAP in 5 minutes:

5 Front Squats (175/115)

15 Push-Ups

20 Air Squats


Rest 5 minutes between each round.


November 12 is the Houston Competition Hammer & Chisel hosted by Atomic CrossFit. If you’re looking to carpool post some comments and get a group together. We have a lot of athletes competing so if you want to come show your support there will be lots of CFB & CFMC athletes to watch.


Sunday Open Gym – It’s from 2-3pm at CFMC the 1-15th of every month. It’s 2-3pm at CFB the 16-31st of every month. You must RSVP by calling, emailing, or texting Neal or Stefan depending on which gym is hosting the class.


The ladies in the video above are in the 128lb weight class. They lightest bar they Snatch is 185lbs, the heaviest lift you see is 235lbs, more than most of our 200lb men can even clean! Just shows us how important form and speed are in Olympic Lifting.

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  • Sheree Pierce

    I got 2 rounds every time. Got a 3rd set of fs each time and 7 pushups on round 2. 65# and used a red band for pushups. Worked real hard not to “worm.” I WILL get this!!!

    the run w/ a med ball was interesting. I kept busy trying to find a wayto carry it!
    See y’all Monday.

  • Cody

    3,3,2 at 165#

  • Cassi

    Hey guys I’m bringing my pop up canopy Saturday, if anyone else has one bring it!!:)

  • Austin

    3, 3, 3 at 65#

  • Neal

    I am also bringing a pop up canopy. I’m bringing a few chairs but be sure you try to bring one of your own!

  • Sean

    How many carpool vehicles do we have as of now?

  • Stutes

    I used to say that I felt like a girl trying to do Snatches………now I wish I lifted like a girl! That is amazing how they Snatch that much weight with proper technique and explosive speed.

  • Neal

    Head over to the facebook page to vote on our hoodie slogan

  • Clint

    Speed and form are critical but so are the stretchy suits they wear. Maybe that’s my problem.

  • jason

    Hey crossfit family. I am looking for management talent at St. Elizabeth. It’s a tough economy I’m sure you know someone in need of a good job. Email me with any potential leads. I would really like for this to go to someone local. Otherwise my corporate big brother is going to “help” me find candidates. Thanks and crush the front squats. I won’t be doing this WOD.

  • BeckyR

    3,3,4 @ 53#

    I fought for that last round! I think I had one second to spare.

  • Serennah

    Had fun WODing with 6 pm… 40#… Blue band and knee push ups. 2 round plus front squats for all 3.

  • Stephanie

    3,2,2 w/103# and knee pushups. That one hurt but in a good way.

  • Dena

    3,2,2 RX

  • Neal

    Jason, Any degree or experience requirements?

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