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I need a name for this - Any suggestions?

I recently commissioned a local art studio, Xulab Art, to create a logo for CrossFit Beaumont. Yesterday they sent the final design and I couldn’t be more impressed. It does a great job of capturing what CrossFit is all about; (no, not massive forearms) the gritty/no frills/hard working/no shortcuts path to elite fitness.

The logo is good enough to think that I really did commission an art studio to create this, but in reality a good friend of mine, Dean Xu, created this masterpiece. Dean has done some great work for CrossFit Dallas Central so I knew his designs were top notch. Besides being an excellent designer Dean is a doctor, an excellent chef, a barber, an INCREDIBLE athlete, and most importantly one of the most humble guys you will ever meet. If one of my friends had a secret job as a spy or ninja-assassin I would guess that it would probably be him.Dean – Thank you a million times for your help with the logo.

If this is the best logo you’ve ever seen let us know in the comment section. Any comments that say otherwise will be promptly deleted.

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  • Tyler

    That logo is AWESOME!!! You sure you don’t want to get started sooner than January….I can’t wait!

    P.S. When will the location CFB be revealed?

  • Matthew

    Looks legit
    Great work out last Saturday…I think I’m still sore.

  • Justin

    logo is great. I have been doing crossfit for a year now and love it. I can’t believe we are getting a gym in this area

  • Tim Gagne

    I need help with a logo design for my affiliate (Baystate CrossFit in Massachusetts). Is Dean XU able to help other affiliate owners? I can’t give a better complement than that! If so, please respond to my email address. Thanks in advance. Tim

  • Adam Kayce

    Agreed – that is a fantastic logo. Dean did a fantastic job of matching the feel of the logo to the rest of your site, too (it fits well with the shadowy background).

    Does Dean have a website? Because I’m always looking for good people to refer my clients to; I’m a webdesigner, but I don’t do custom logo art like this.

  • Neal

    Definitely. I’ll get you guys in touch with Dean ASAP.

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