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This was definitely a cheat meal

WOD 6/15/11

Thruster Ladder

Start with a manageable weight. Every 30 seconds you will complete a thruster and then add weight to the bar (10# per rep for men, 5# per rep for women). The workout is over when you can no longer complete a thruster with the given weight. Score is heaviest thruster completed.


Front Squats (155/105)

200m Sandbag Carry between sets

You can use a 60#, 40#, or 30# sandbag for this. The 30# bags are the rubber inner tube tire bags. If you need to go lighter use a medicine ball.

Our Friday Schedule will be slightly changed. We will have open gym from 6am-7am, 12-1pm, and 4pm – 6pm. You can show up during these hours and perform a WOD you may have missed, do some lifting, or simply stretch out and work on your mobility. We will not have open gym this Sunday.

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  • Cassi

    Does the bar have to start on the ground for the thrusters?

  • Neal


  • Neal

    Bar starts on the ground for the front squats also

  • amber

    85# thruster, 65# front squat, 45# is 8:49

  • Sheree

    80# on the thrusters. 85# is my 1rep clean max but I just couldn’t do it today.
    7:56 w/ 53# squats and 30# sandbag.
    Oh, and we did sandbag after EACH set.
    Oh, and I realized on the sandbag run that THAT was about what I was running with (just body weight) when I started CF!
    Oh, and Amber was running yelling “A GIRL is carrying a 45# bag!” Almost made me drop my 30# innertube!

  • crystal b

    90# thruster….darn the clean to get it up there. 65#fs,30#sandbag 8:53 good workout. And the competition, never done one but i am thinking about it. Sounds fun with the locals. Have not been brave enough to try an out of town one

  • fara

    Sorry i missed this morning! Hopefully i will be able to go at noon! Great job Sheree & Amber….missed working out with you ladies this morning!

  • Jim M

    175# thursters . 7.36 on the wod @115lbs

  • Serennah

    Good job rooster crew!!! Misses you guys this morning will be working out this evening again.

  • JJ


  • Austin

    125# Thruster/ 10:09 w/105# FS and 45# bag

  • Kara A

    Sheree, it was actually me that yelled that Amber was running with a 45# sandbag, and that was because the men were walking with the same weight. And it had the effect I was going for. They ran!

  • Sheree

    I guess I was just disoriented! Still, it almost made me drop my bag!

  • Krissi

    88# on the trusters….cleaning it up is what got me. 7:35 with 53# front squats and 45# sandbag

  • Nedab

    Yesterdays WOD 34:20 @CFMC

  • Fara

    Dont remember # on thrusters….oops! 7:50 with 53# fs, 30#sandbag…. This was done at noon at the hottest part of the day & with no AC (which I hope to not do that again…lol!) I like my 6am group… See ya tomorrow 6 am’ers! 🙂

  • Jaywes23

    11:15 (135# / 60# bag)
    Killer job today Sean

  • jeremy j

    145# thrusters. 10:40 with 65#fs, 45-30-no sandbag on my 3 200m runs
    this was my first crossfit class. hope i can feel the ole legs tomorrow!

  • John G

    Hey, I know that guy. I miss my CFB peeps!

  • Amber

    I yelled, too lol ….

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