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Burpee Hoe?

 WOD 10/2/12

Find a max weighted strict pull-up


1 mile time trial – GO AS FAST AS POSSIBLE


AMRAP in 5 minutes:

10 KB Swings 55/35

10 Burpees


Big thanks to everyone who came out for the Pub Run on Saturday; It was a huge success! We raised over $1000 for the humane society and had a great time doing it. Hope you’re looking forward to our next big event coming up in October at CrossFit Bridge City. Follow the link for more details.

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  • Sheree Pierce

    I got down to blue band only on the pull ups. 9:23 on the run (9:35 back in May) and 3 rds on the amrap.

  • Scott

    6:29. 4 rounds RX. I was way too slow today. Zach was only 2 seconds behind me. I need to get my act together and get back down below 6:00 again. Still a fun morning even though I’m geting slower.

  • Neal

    85# strict pull-up
    5:51 on the run… meh, not even close to a PR
    4 Rounds + 10 swings @70# on the metcon

    Had fun with the noon crew!

  • Clint

    50# on the pull-up PR
    1k Row, 1:29 PR
    4 Rounds + 1 Swing @ 70#KB
    I’ll be glad when this respiratory infection goes away. I felt like I had been sucking on an exhaust pipe by the end of that workout.

  • Clint

    Correction: 3:29 on the row…still a PR

  • Jj

    I decided to sit the mile out and got to watch Allen and grant kill it. And they knocked me off. Well done guys.

    65 pound pull-up. Pr
    5 unbroken muscle up’s. better than my goal but lots of room for improvement
    8 hspu I fell off. Had a few more in me

    Just trying to set some base lines to work from in the next few months.

    Five plus three burpees rx metcon

  • Greg

    30# pullup pr
    6:40 on the mile. Wish I could get my kick going at the 400 mark rather than the 200
    4rds plus 10kbs

  • Dena

    Did a 10# pull up.
    7:28 on mile, def not a PR but I don’t run nearly enough any more.
    4 rds + 9 KBS with a 45#

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