3,2.1, GO!

WOD 8/18/11

Snatch – Find your 1 Rep Max

7 Rounds:

5 One-Armed Kettlebell Swings/arm (55/35)

2 Turkish Get-Ups/arm (55/35)

How do your scores compare to CrossFit Mid-County?

Nutrition is the most important part of looking good and feeling good. How has your diet been lately? If you want to discuss Paleo nutrition or have any questions ask a coach at class, send us an e-mail, or give us a call! If you aren’t eating right and plan on starting schedule a Body Scan so we can test your body fat and then we will test you again after a couple months of eating right.

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  • Sheree Pierce

    This was a good wod. Not one of those “can’t catch your breath” ones (maybe I didn’t push hard enough) but took a lot of concentration. I have balance “issues”…but I’m a helluva lot better than I was a year ago!
    Took me 13:00 swinging a 25# (should have gone higher) and getting up with a 15# (enough!)
    Best part was I got a 13# snatch pr!!! (73#)
    Kara said the form wasn’t great, but it counted! Kara, I will work on form next time!

  • Neal

    Congrats on the PR Sheree!

  • Serennah

    Sheree great job!!! I am proud of you especially since you were really tired this morning!!! Way to push through!! And thanks for pushing me through!! This was a fun workout but I am so much stronger on my right side than my left. Also I am really going to work on my Snatch form because I only did 45# because my form sucks I am stronger than what I lifted but I just need to work on my technique.. Always improving Right??? I find something new with every WOD that I need to improve 🙂

  • JJ

    14:23 with 53 for swings and 45 on get ups. didnt do snatch cuz i did it 2 weks ago. pr’d then at 140#

    fun class at noon with sean sean and CA. would like to put up our new member sean. that guy is gunna be a beast

  • JJ

    nice noon class with CA sean and sean.

    pr’d snatch to 140 two weeks ago so didnt do it

    14:23 with 53 swings and 45 get ups.

    also our new member sean will be a beast….looking forward to that guy getting use to our movements

  • Stephanie

    Snatch – 83#
    10:44 (30# swings, 18#tg)

  • Nakia Langley

    35# KB Sings, 18# Turkish get ups… 8:59 mins

    88 # Snatch

  • Nedab

    160# snatch 11:15rx

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