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 WOD 9/2/11

Skill- Complete a total of 25 pistols per leg (a pistol is a one legged squat). Break up and scale as needed. Scale by squatting to a box or using a band or pole for assistance.

For time:

500M row

then 21-15-9

Thrusters (95/65)

KB Swings (53/35)

Cashout- Accumulate a total of 90 seconds in a handstand (free standing or against wall)


Hope to see everyone Saturday at noon for The 5th Mountain! We will still have our regular classes at 10am and 11am.

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  • Sheree

    2 rider tire flips amrap!

  • Erin

    What a cute picture!!

  • fara

    Whenwas this picture taken…..where was I 🙁 im feelin alittle left out. Lol!

    Sorry rooster crew….i let ya down the.last two mornings….will do better next week.

    Are there any workouts at CFB this wekend?

  • StephenW

    I’m actually looking forward to attempting 5th Mountain tomorrow. The toughest part for me (besides the pure amount of work in this WOD) will be the push-ups and pull-ups. But I will put 110% towards it.

  • Serennah

    Fara this was yesterday morning and we miss you!! Come in the am there is a 10 and an 11… Let me know if your going and I’ll go with you!!

  • Neal

    Fara – We are open every Saturday at 10 and 11am. Plus this weekend we are doing the 5th Mountain. You might have seen the post at the top of the website… 🙂

  • BeckyR

    got one freestanding pistol on each leg, but did the rest on boxes

    10:18 on the wod with 15# bar and subbed KB swings with red/purple pull ups, and Neal was so nice to point out that “it’s like Fran with a row first” it was hard on the arms!!!

    although, I did recover some bragging rights by holding my handstand for the full 90 seconds!!! and I would do it again, MIGUEL :-p u may have the upper hand on a lot of other things but I own the handstand lol

  • Miguel T.

    12:14 on wod with 75lb/55lb kb (Did first 21 with 80lb thrusters). This workout killed me majorly!

    I was def gunning for Becky on the handstands, only got 65 seconds. The full 90 seconds wasn’t happening. I’ll get you next time Becky!! ….maybe =P

    On the upside I beat JD’s time, so that’s always a good day. =P

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