So Long So Long


JD Was A True Ninja

WOD 4/3/11

1-Armed Bench Press 5-5-5-5-5 (use a kettlebell or dumbbell)

3 Rounds:

300m Row

10 Burpees

3 Sets of 20 Unbroken Pull-Ups – Complete each set as fast as possible.if you have to break up the set then scale your next set more. Rest as needed between sets.

One of our first members and best friends is leaving us this week. So long JonDaniel and best of luck in New Mexico! Thanks to everyone who came out to help us send him off.

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  • StephenW

    Good luck, JD. Glad I was able to stick around and see ya off.

  • hardyf

    65# + chain on bench press 4 on one arm and three on the other, 70kb was most completed for 5, 6:02 on the wod

  • Jacob

    5:10 on wod. 45 lb with 20 lb chain. 3 unbroken sets.

  • Neal

    We will miss you at ManHouse JD!

    50# + chains on the bench
    4:50 on the Metcon

    Pull-Ups got a little rough but I think I was able to improve the speed a little

  • Jaywes23

    70 kb x5
    5:40 on the wod

  • Kara A

    40# on bench
    6:17 on the wod

  • JJ

    50# for the Db press

    4:47 on the wod

  • Becky

    25# bench
    6:44 wod

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