Shoot For The Head


There's something strange about Sean...

 WOD 10/27/11

5 Rounds:
7 Deadlifts
7 Hang Power Cleans
7 Push Presses
Rest 1 min between rounds


Choose a weight that will challenge you. It will get tough during the last rounds and you can remove weight from the bar between rounds if you need to, but you cannot add weight. Aim for good form and technique and don’t worry so much about your time.

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  • Miguel

    …and it definitely isn’t his mustache!

  • cody

    Cant wait to get my PUMP on

  • Stutes

    Miguel….don’t be jealous of the mustache, we all know you miss yours! And I think your times were a little better when you had it……js

  • Nathan M.

    it’s all about the mustache-soul patch combo

  • Dena

    Did this one at school. Didn’t time it but it took ma a long time. 110 on round 1 then 95 on the last 4 rounds.

  • Merrell

    Good strength WOD. #95 every round.

  • Miguel

    Got my swell on today. 115lbs every round.

    Wasn’t too concerned about time, it was like 17:04 maybe?

  • Stephanie

    13:12 w/ 83#

  • Nedab

    155# I miss CFB

  • Sheree Pierce

    9:24 with 45#. Probablyshould have gone heavier, but it was a good time to work on form of that &*&#% clean. Not to say it didn’t get heavy on the last 2 rounds.
    Don’t usually go at night but sure glad I did!

  • BeckyR

    11:29 @ 55#

    I was super proud of my weight….. UNTIL I saw what everyone else did lol. maybe one day I will be above baby weight 😉 it was really challenging tho, I know I set the bar down at least twice and I think it was on the push presses.

  • JJ

    11:49 115#

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