Second Pull


WOD 3/26/12

Front Squat 5-5-3-3-1-1-1


Every minute for 20 minutes:

3 Squat Cleans (135/95)

5 Bar Facing Burpees


This work out will be done in intervals.  At the top of every minute you will complete squat cleans and burpees.  If you go over the minute you will finish the work for that interval and start up at the top of the next minute.  The goal is to get all 20 intervals, scale accordingly!


Coaches note: The snatch (and clean) is broken down into three pulls. The first pull is the initial pull off of the ground, the second pull (and most explosive element of the snatch) is taking the bar from the hang position to the waist. The final pull is initiated when the athlete has reached full upward extension and begins pulling them self under the bar. Notice in the video that during the first and second pull the arms remain straight until full hip and knee extension has been reached at which point the athlete initiates the third pull under the bar and the arms bend while pulling the athlete down faster.

Even in slow motion you can see a dramatic increase in speed when the bar goes from the knee to the hip which is the athlete “jumping” the bar up. Lastly pay attention to how close they keep the bar to the body; pulling the bar into their hip crease as the complete the second pull. The same basic principles apply to the clean.

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  • JJ

    Worked up to 215. For a ten pound pr

    15 rx rounds on the wod. Have fun. And touch and go

  • josh t

    255# on front squat. 265# is my PR from January.

    17 rds rx. Definitely touch and go jj.

  • Miguel

    16rds @ 115. Tough workout, way to get it JJ. 15rds rx is tough!

  • nakia L

    153 to 165 that’s my third PR in three weeks :). 12 rounds at 65lbs… rough workout!!!

  • Chris Adkins

    235 front squat. 14 rounds RX. Rough day.

  • Dena

    I am not feeling very strong lately. I need to start doing some Sunday workouts again.
    Any who… 170 on front squat, not a PR.
    17 rds RX on WOD.

  • Jason

    225#. 14 rds Rx.
    My clavicles would like to thank you for not programming anything in the rack position for a few days.

  • Jacob

    Jj- time for you to get that 200 pound clean. That front squat is getting pretty big.

  • Greg

    215# front squat. 115 on WOD

  • Greg

    15rds too

  • Fara

    155# on fs, 18 rds with just 53#. That was rough!

  • Neal

    285# on Front Squat for a 10# PR!

    20 Rounds on the WOD. First three at 175#, next 3 rounds at 155#, last 14 rounds at 135#.

    Third PR since Friday. It’s been a pretty good week so far

  • Erica

    153# on front squat and 17 rounds at 73#

  • Stephanie

    I’m with Dena…..not feeling very strong lately.
    165# fs
    15rds @ 75#

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