WOD 3/12/12

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 (All sets at 75-85% of max)


3 Rounds:

5 Front Squats (Heavy)

15 2for1 Wall Ball (20/14)


“The squat is essential to your well-being. The squat can both greatly improve your athleticism and keep your hips, back, and knees sound and functioning in your senior years.
Not only is the squat not detrimental to the knees it is remarkably rehabilitative of cranky, damaged, or delicate knees. In fact, if you do not squat, your knees are not healthy regardless of how free of pain or discomfort you are. This is equally true of the hips and back.
The squat is no more an invention of a coach or trainer than is the hiccup or sneeze. It is a vital,natural, functional, component of your being.
The squat, in the bottom position, is nature’s intended sitting posture (chairs are not part of your biological make-up), and the rise from the bottom to the stand is the biomechanically sound method.”

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  • Danielle H

    I love squats!

  • Kara A

    If you’ve ever seen a child squat then you know that it really is nature’s sitting position. They do perfect squats effortlessly. We lose flexibility over the years and have to learn to squat again.

    Where is this quote from? I know I’ve heard it before and I love it.

  • Burt

    Kara- pretty sure that’s from the cf training guide

  • Austin J

    It was on Pinterest Kara!

    DL: 275

    WOD: 5:31, 95# FS, 6# 2 for 1 WB

  • Sheree Pierce

    Glad to read that part about squats. Someone told me the other day that their doctor told them that at a certain age people should NEVER squat below paralell…I called BS and said that if you never do you will never be able to. Glad to know that it won’t damage my sore knee and should HELP it! Riight now, I’m just letting pain be my guide.
    I did 145#, 150# x 3, and 165# on the deadlifts.
    6:33 on the wod with 65# (squatted to a med ball with no additional pain…not to up that weight) and an 8# ball. Those double action or 2for1 wall balls really take the wind out of you!
    Great way to start a week. However, I don’t like it to be dark when I’m FINISHED.

    Got 70 tabata sit-ups

  • Brandon

    Good to know on the squats. I’ll be back at 5 p.m. with the hope that taking a slower approach is better. That shooting pain I was getting at the bottom of the squat and when thrusting the hips forward was pretty excruciating. Don’t want that again!

    I tore my hamstring playing rugby several years ago. Instead of undergoing a proper rehab program I let the fear of further damage dissuade me from working my legs out. 8 years later I walked into a Saturday class and basically collapsed after two rounds of an AMRAP with burpees, thrusters and box jumps. Not saying I’ve made much progress, but when I run now things feel “snug” again.

  • Neal

    A little more from the article….

    Frequently, we encounter individuals whose doctor or chiropractor has told them not to squat. In nearly every instance this is pure ignorance on the part of the practitioner. When a doctor that doesn’t like the squat is asked, “by what method should your patient get off of the toilet?” they are at a loss for words.
    In a similarly misinformed manner we have heard trainers and health care providers suggest that the knee should not be bent past 90 degrees. It’s entertaining to ask proponents of this view to sit on the ground with their legs out in front of them and then to stand without bending the legs more than 90 degrees. It can’t be done without some grotesque bit of contrived movement. The truth is that
    Our presumption is that those who counsel against the squat are either just repeating nonsense they’ve heard in the media or at the gym, or in their clinical practice they’ve encountered people who’ve injured themselves squatting incorrectly.
    It is entirely possible to injure yourself squatting incorrectly, but it is also exceedingly easy to bring the squat to a level of safety matched by walking. In the accompanying article we explain how that is done.

    Want to read the entire article? Get a subscription to the CrossFit Journal, There is a link on the right side of our website.

  • Clayton

    When I started CrossFit, I had “lineman Knees”. Consistantly crouching (poorly) as a heavy guy took its toll on my knees. All of these squats ive done since then have actually rehabilitated my knees to the point of being able to sit in the squatted position with no pain.
    Also, I’d recommend the journal to everyone. Its a phenomenal tool that is going to give alot of insight to the things we do everyday.

  • Danielle H

    I really like this blog. Very informative! Thanks Neal for posting.

  • Dena

    Yay deadlifts! And yay I get to come workout!

  • Jason

    DL 3X355#
    5:42 @135#, 14#
    112 tabata situps
    Great job on the PR DL Toben. Mitchel you crushed the WOD good job.

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    Worked up to 315#x3 on dl

    5:31 135#, 20# wall ball for 1.5 rds and 14# for the other.

    86 tabata sit ups.

    That wod was the most burn I’ve had on my quads in a long time

  • MarcusM

    185,225,275,285,300 3×5
    #135/#14 @ 5:11

  • Miguel

    275×3 on DL, wanted more, but ran out of time.

    7:11 on wod, 135 & 20, the 2 for 1 is tough! Def had my thighs screaming.

    102 on the cash out.

    Thanks for the push Amber and Catherine!!

  • hardyf

    I can personally say that squats and crossfit work! I ran a lot in my younger days and until crossfit I had Knee pain on a regular basis…it would set in a matter of minutes after a pressure change….I have had zero pain in my knees since I started crossfit,

  • Dena

    Love the whole squat article and I totally agree.
    185, 205, 215 and 220 x 2 on DL.
    5:11 on WOD with 110 front squat and 14# ball.
    Im pretty sure that toilet squats will hurt tomorrow:)

  • nakia L

    Coming back strong … 270 ×1 on DL tonight. As i look at this number i have to wonder where i would be if i hadn’t been a slacker the past four months hmmmmmm…. 7:17 on wod with 95# fs & 10# wb 15 regular wb and 15 air squats. 91 tabata sit ups 🙂

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