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WOD 12/28/12

Deadlift Ladder – Quickly work up to ~75% of your 1 rep max and then complete one rep every minute adding 10lbs after each successful lift. Stop when your form breaks down or you can no longer complete a given rep during that minute. In an effort to save time try to do this with a partner.



For Time:


Deadlifts (225/155)



After Party: Tabata Double Unders – Score is lowest number of reps completed during any round


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  • Elyse

    255# deadlift

    6:59 RX. pull-ups were a challenge because the pull-up bar was so damp from the rain/humidity. I could only get 3-5 at a time without slipping off.

    29 DU for my lowest score on the “after party”.

    Does anyone want to do a team with me for the Paleo Challenge? Or is there a team already that needs another member??

  • Michael L.

    360# DL, 6:00 Rx, 15 DUs

  • Dena

    240 on DL
    6:01 RX on workout
    20 on DU’s

  • Grant

    405# dl (20# pr), 4:10 Rx on the workout, and I got kicked out of the after party for being awful. 3 du’s in one round.

  • JJ

    Pr’d my dead lift what what ! Now at a massive 310#

  • Michele Stone

    245DL , 9:36 rx 🙂

  • Neal

    Didn’t get to lift bc I did the CFMC workout first but finished the met con in 4:35. I felt pretty bad after a 500m row time trial but I’ll take it

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