WOD 4/26/12

200m Run @ 75% effort

rest 2 minutes

400m Run @ 75% effort

Rest 3 minutes

800m Run @ 100% effort!


AMRepsAP in 60 seconds:

5 Dead Hang Pull-Ups

Max double unders in remaining time

5 Deadlift (275/185)

Max Double Unders in remaining time

Rest 1 minute, Repeat.


AMRepsAP in 60 second:

15 Double Unders

Max Dead Hang Pull-Ups in remaining time
15  Double Unders

Max Deadlifts (275/185) in remaining time

Rest 1 minute, Repeat

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  • Garret

    I was debating whether or not I was going to come tonight because I’m still sore from Monday and Tuesday, but I kind of like this WOD. I think the runs will loosen me up some, and I can practice my double unders.

  • Sabrina

    Hey guys! I will be at CFB tomorrow at the 11:30 class w more SteadFast t-shirts! We will be heading out on Friday so just want to make sure everyone that wants one gets one. See y’all tomorrow 🙂

  • Scott

    :40, 1:24, 2:50; (30/18 – 33/14) – (5/8, 5/9 @ 185 lbs). Too many broken DU’s, but I did PR my DU’s with 24 once without stopping. Neal killed it on the 800 m run with a PR of his own of 2:20. I tried my best to keep up, but I’ve still got a lot of work to do obviously. I’ll get there, Neal. I know I can get my times to that level. I just need to do the work.

  • Scott

    By the way, nice sunglasses in that photo, Fara. 🙂 Very Hollywood.

  • Fara

    Im thinking I need to boycot this day due to the “GODAWFUL” pic! Loose shirts make you look like you have belly rolls and that you don’t workout 3 or 4 times a week….uuuurrrrggggg! But it does make me feel the need to work HARDER!

  • Jaywes23

    Nice job Scott. It’s crazy to think that the world record marathon was ran at pretty much the same pace Neal did that 800m in.

  • Neal

    2:20 on the 800m run, 5 second PR, thanks for the push Scott!

    47/40 58/26 13/7 9/9 (315#)

  • Jaywes23

    86/10 RX then 35/30 @225
    6/5 and 6/6 @ 225
    I think I ruined myself on the first round of du’s

  • kimball

    I dont have a “postworthy” time or anything…but I did 135# on deadlifts and was pretty proud of myself.. So there 🙂

  • josh t

    2:32 on the 800m run. 1 sec pr. I attribute that to my new inov8 195s. But I should have had a stopwatch bc I was really trying to break 2:30.

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