Push It Real Good


These guys would be excellent waiters

 WOD 2/1/12

Push Press 5-5-5-5-5 (All sets should be heavy; start from the ground)


4 Rounds: 30 seconds of work, 30 sec rest at each station:

Back Squat (heavy, around 60% of your 1 rep max)


Dumbbell Push Press (45/30)


Cash Out: Max Rep Back Squats with weight used in WOD

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  • Scott

    135 reps/155 lbs. and 40 lbs. Cash out with 20 reps. Don’t ever knock on Kara’s car window at 5:55 am to say good morning. I’ve never seen someone so scared and jumpy. That was a good Neve Campbell scream too.

  • Sheree Pierce

    111 reps with 80# (78# is 60%max), purple band assisted push-ups, and 25# dbs.

    Scott, glad to have you back! Kara may not be…

  • Austin J

    140 reps – 155 FS, 30 DB Press. 14 for the C/O

  • Fara

    Push press skill work 95#s; 127 total reps with 110#’s & 25# db; cash out 25 reps w/110#s.

    I worked out with an uneven bar, thought it was 115#s…..however, our adults are not putting plates in the proper stack. Thought I had two 15# but instead had a 10# and a 15#. We may need labels there to Neal cuz some just don’t understand the two different stacks! Lol!!!!

  • Cody

    173 reps, 225# back squat Rx.

  • Miranda

    I love me some Crossfit Beaumont!
    Push press – 5@ 85 then 3@ 95 then I started bend my knees to get under it.

    116 @65# & 30#

    Then 30 on the cash out. It hurt.

  • Lauren C

    Push press- sets of 5 at 65, 70, 75, 80, 85

    May have done that wrong but I wasn’t sure how heavy to go…
    Wod: 115 reps @ 95# back squat & 30# DB

    Cash put

  • Lauren C

    Oops. Stupid phone.

    Cash out: 37 reps

  • Jaywes23

    155# on pp
    177 RX @ 165#

  • Stephanie

    Skill. 95×1, 105×4 I push jerked some of those even though I tried hard not to.

    129 reps rx w/115# back squat

    26 or 27 back squats at 115#

  • Jason

    175# push press. 154 reps @ 165#, 45#

    My knees are sore. Tomorrow is an off day.

  • Josh T.

    185# push press
    175 reps with 185# back squats rx
    30 reps cash out at 185#

  • Chris Adkins

    155-185 on push press. 185# only happened twice. 153 reps at 155#you squat and 45#I press. Cashout only 13. I am with you Jason may have to take off tomorrow.

  • Dena

    Push press 95 x 1 105 x 4
    142 total reps with 125# BS RX
    25 BS on cash out with 125#

  • Jamie Coleman

    136 total~ 115#BS, Knees, and 25# DB

    30 cash out

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    145# on push press. Shoulders are wrecked from Monday!

    167 reps 165# back squat, 45# thrusters

    off day for me tomorrow too. What a three day run!

  • Danielle H

    My first post as a member…fun WOD today. PP all 5 sets at 85#; 150 reps 135#bs and 20#db; cashout 31 reps @ 135lbs…..my legs are jello!

  • Stephanie

    Woah Danielle!! Awesome awesome job! Super beast mode!

  • Erin

    Glad to see you’re feeling better Danielle!! Awesome work today…love seeing your name on the blog!

  • Danielle H

    awww thanks Steph and Erin! today was fun!

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