PR or ER


Push that head through!

WOD 2/15/11

Power Clean 3-3-3
“The Chief”
5 Rounds:
AMRAP in 3 minutes:
3 Power Cleans (135#/95#)
6 Push-Ups
9 Air Squats
Rest 1 minute between rounds.

Score is total number of rounds completed during each of the 5 AMRAPs. A round is only completed if it is fully completed. Refer to 8/3/10 to compare past scores.

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  • JJ

    gunna be my 4th time with the chief. going for the board this time…last time was one short

  • Neal

    31 Rounds – PR by 2

  • Sean

    24 rounds RX. Awesome push from Neal and JJ

  • hardyf

    16 rounds RX, 1 more round than in August but with 40# more on the clean

  • JJ

    well it was a PR but i felt like going to the ER
    21 rx. one more than in november
    it was a struggle for sure.
    congrats neal on 31 and sean, clayton nice job as well

  • Clayton

    23 rounds as Rx. 24 back in august, but im pretty sure I didnt do a 325# front squat the day before in August either. I’ll take it!

  • Jaywes23

    22 rx, really slacked on rd 3

  • Nedab

    20 rx 4-4-3-4-5
    last time 16 rds

  • Jacob

    24 rds. 4 rd pr. My maxes aren’t going up but my met cons are getting better.

  • CA

    21 Rx`d – 3 round improvement from last time.

    Thanks for the push Jay!

  • Neal

    Sean & JJ – It’s always a pleasure!

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