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Chi Chi was soon decapitated by Nedab

WOD 5/12/11

Test Day!

Choose 5 from the following list to test:

500m Row
400m Run
Max Pullups
Max Muscle ups
Max Unbroken Double Unders
Max Height Box Jump
Max Distance Broad Jump
Max Burpees in 3 Minutes
Max Weighted Dip
Max Weighted Pullup
15 Reps of Bodyweight Overhead Squat
Max L Sit

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  • StephenW

    This’ll be interesting.

  • hardyf

    Not trying to take the easy way out but I will be trying for the Max jumps I have no idea what that will be for me.

  • Jay

    Sweet! It’s like Track-n-Field day

  • Sheree

    My first thought was to pick 5 things I’m particualrly sucky at. NOT hard!
    I did a 400m run in 2:21 (faster than the bazillion runs I did Monday.)
    I got 15 pull-ups with green/purple.
    I got a 500m row in 2:08.7 (thanks to Kara’s pushing me to “sprint” the last 100)
    Got 16 45# ohs (body weight…riiiiight!)
    27 burpees in 3 mins. (I don’t burp too fast!)
    This will really give me an incentive to focus because you KNOW we’ll be doing this again. I’d hate to have the same results!
    But I “suck less” every day!

  • Becky

    haha… love the comment about track and field day!!!

    yeahhhh… track and field day on steroids lol

  • Serennah

    Well I picked the five things I could do… I PR’d my pullups from 10 to 20 using the green and blue band… Did 500m row in 2:22… Ran 400m in 2:11….22burpees in 3 min( I’m a slow burper)…my biggest acomplishment today was I made the 16″ box…. May not seem like a big deal but if you knew the mental block I’ve had with the boxes this was a big deal for me… Progress is being made!!! That’s my goal… Keep making progress!!

  • Neal

    Great job Sheree and Serennah!

  • Rachel G

    Poor Chi Chi. The after photos are so sad.

    Way to go ladies! I’ll see y’all tmro!!

  • hardyf

    103.9 on 409m run old course, 63# weight pull up, 70# weighted dip, 46″ box jump, 100″ broad jump

  • Jim M

    140.8 on the row, 48.5 box jump, 70lb weighted dip, 102 broad jump, 90lb ring dip. Will be back at 5 or 6 to finish the rest

  • Sheree

    Serennah and Crystal just LEFT me on that run! And Crystal got something like 42 burpees. Serennah, I was SO proud of you on the 16″ box! It’s a LOT taller than the bumper! That is progress for SURE!

  • clay

    53 double unders, 135# dip, 115# pull up, 5 muscleups, 43 burpees…. great wod.

  • Jaywes23

    108 double unders / 43 pullups/ 96 broad jump/ 90# pullup/ 46 burpees
    Awesome work coming from everybody today

  • Ashley Frank

    39″ box jump, 84″ broad jump, 6 unassisted pullups! Super excited!

  • Austin

    1:12 400m run, 45.5” box jump, 59 Burpees

  • Neal

    1:03.6 400m Run – Wish all the cars from the church hadn’t been there and I might have taken down Alex….
    90# Pull-Up
    52″ Box Jump
    108″ Broad Jump
    64 Double Unders
    25 second L-Sit

  • JJ

    1:04.7 400 m run. agreed with neal. many obstacles in the way. we will be shooting for that top time soon

    only 29 pullups – 6 under old PR.
    44.75″ box jump – got 1.25″ more inches
    92.5″ broad – .5″ more inches
    67 double unders

    some small gains but still ok with me

  • Erin

    Let’s see…I got a 38.5″ box jump, 13 unassisted pullups, ran the old 400m in 1:23.2, broad jump 79″ and then randomly busted out 11 double unders!! Previously the most I’d ever done was 3 so that was pretty cool.

  • Sean

    1:05.7 400m run, 50.5″ box jump, 95.5″ broad jump, 10 muscle-ups, 39? second L-sit?, 60 burpees

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