Paleo Challenge 2011


Want to get to that next level of health and fitness? Get your diet right! To help jump start your nutrition journey we will be having a Paleo Challenge from May 9-July 9. You may be asking yourself, “What is a Paleo Challenge?” Fair enough question. We challenge you to eat Paleo (90% or more of the time) and come to CrossFit 2-5 times a week. Whenever you are doing these two things in combination positive changes will come.

Just like last year we will have three winners. The winners will be picked by judging the changes in their before and after pictures. Each winner will receive a free month of training at CrossFit Beaumont and they will split everyone’s entry fees.

When: May 9-July 9

Cost: $25 (everyone’s entry fees will be split between the three winners)

How To Enter: Bring your cash to a coach and email me your before pictures ( Men – shirts off, shorts on, and take a front, back, and side picture. Women – You can wear shorts and tank, bathing suit, etc. Take a front, back and side picture. Only Neal will see the photos. If you are one of the three winners your before and after pictures will only be posted on the website with your permission. After July 9 you will email your after photos and the winners will be selected. Also in your email be sure to include your starting weight and take measurements of your waist around the belly button. We will ask for these measurements again along with your after photo.

Even if you enter the contest and don’t win you will look, feel, and perform better than ever by getting your diet dialed in. We want you to try eating Paleo for two months and see that it’s not hard to eat right, it just takes a little discipline and a little planning. Hopefully after two months you will be used to eating that way and you can make it part of your lifestyle!

Here are our winners from last year

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  • hardyf

    Okay I am willing to donate, Count me in!

  • Jay

    I suppose I will try it again. I’m down to the weight I was at when I finished it last year, so it should be a real challenge. Are repeats allowed?

  • Kara A

    Jay, I asked if repeats are allowed too and luckily we are. I’m planning on entering too. Last year the competition was the most motivation I have ever had, so hopefully I’ll get that again this time around!

  • Rachel G

    Sounds like fun! I’m in! Nothing to lose but bad habits and a few pounds.

  • Austin

    What if we take the picture shirts on shorts off?

  • Sheree

    Finally put my $$ in the car so I won’t forget to take it! I’m IN!

  • Rachel G

    Austin…make sure u have some undies on 😉

  • crystal b

    We are in too! Sooooo excited!

  • Sabrina

    Brian and I are in. We will def miss our cookies!

  • Nathan M.

    Can people from CFMC compete or are we going to have to get Stefan to start up our own challenge?

  • nakia Langley

    I’m defienetly in 🙂

  • Reply

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