Hangin Out at CFB

WOD 12/3/10

Row 500m
Max reps Ground to Overhead @ 155/95
Run 400m
Total time allowed for this workout is 10 minutes. Your score is your total reps of ground to overhead. Get AS MANY AS POSSIBLE!

Here’s the catch:

Leave too early for the run and you miss more reps

Leave too late for the run and you don’t make it back in time


Getting back before 9:40 on the clock= immediate 20 burpees

Getting back past 10:20 on the clock= immediate 20 burpees.

Goal= get back within 20 seconds of 10 minutes

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  • hardyf

    sounds fun, I have to make it back this week!!

  • Miranda

    oh em gee! Maybe I can do this sunday with no weights on the bar lol

  • toben

    by the skin of my teeth… 30 reps @ 115# and back in the door at 10:17.

  • Sheree

    Not sorry I missed this one. I’m not smart enough to calculate during a workout. It’s all I can do to do the exercises!

  • Jaywes23

    21 rx @ 10:07…should have tried 1 more

  • stefan

    27 Rx @ 9:50

  • JJ

    barbara 23:07 RX

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