Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t


WOD 4/9/10

3 Sets For Time:
800m Run
Rest 3 Minutes
800m Row
Rest 3 Minutes

Jon, Marcus, and Lance on Pull-Ups

CrossFit. Believe It’s Possible.

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  • Michutka

    Where’s all the comments? No one working out today? I’d love to see some feedback. Heard Stefan had an 800 m PR! Good job Broseff!!!

  • Neal

    Stefan has the gym’s top 800m time. Katie, Cassi, and Shannon also PR’d their 800m runs.

    It’s been an awesome day today. Can’t wait to try this WOD.

  • JRu

    Looking forward to see CFB this afternoon.

  • JeremyWF

    Today was tough. My legs were like jello from the day before still. I will try the 800m for a PR time next week. Have fun this evening.

    I believe my times were as follows:
    Run #1 – 3:02 Row #1 – 3:06
    Run #2 – 3:12 Row #2 – 3:05
    Run #3 – 3:10 Row #3 – 2:56

    I could be off a second here or there.

  • Scott Caldwell

    i feel like I am new to Crossfit. Im so sore today I can barely get out of a chair. Was yesterdays wod 20#dbs in each hand because that is what I did?

    Planted a vegi garden
    Lawn mower

    Is Jim Beam on the Paleo diet?

  • randacm83

    OMG! IT burrrrrned! Gangsta crossfitters ftw!

  • Clayton

    Good workout today. Definitely pushed too hard the first round. My running has picked up for sure since my 11:50/mile half marathon days. A sub 4 min 800m was a big leap. Glad to see WOD’s like this every once in a while. See y’all next week!!

  • randacm83

    Hey Neal, can we have a story time about what ‘Buck Furpees’ is all about? If you know, I mean. I saw it on a shirt on asrx.com

  • randacm83

    I would like an edit option for posts LOL The site is called lifeasrx.com

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