Oh No


WOD 1/27/10

Josh and Melissa on the Pull Up Bar

Josh and Melissa on the Pull Up Bar

Back Squat 5×5

Rest 5 Minutes

Thrusters (95/65)

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  • Wayne-O

    Neal- show those people in Beaumont how to wreck house. You are going to have an awesome experience. You people are fortunate to have Neal as a teacher and leader…

    New athletes- Don’t give up- it may not get easier but it becomes part of your life, a place to forget all that stresses you for one hour.

  • Scott Caldwell

    1st day at XFitBMT. It was awsome. I have been doing xfit on my own for 1 yr but the group/instructor enviornment makes it even more intense.

    “Fran” 5:25 45# thrusters, green band assisted PU


  • colin lafollette

    Neal, good to see everything is falling into place. Do what you do! Word to the wise: I once saw Neal wrestle a rhinoceros to the ground… IMMORTAL he is

  • Neal

    Wayne – Words of wisdom as always.
    Scott – You did great today. Look forward to seeing you in the box more often.
    Colin – That might be a slight exaggeration, barely. Hope everything is going well at CFDC!

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