WOD 7/26/12

Snatch practice – Power snatch, squat snatch, hang power snatch, hang squat snatch. Try not to let go of the bar during the set. Focus on form and use a weight that you are comfortable with. Make minimal increases in weight. Complete 5-7 sets of the complex


3 rounds for time of:

30 Front Squats @ 115/75#
15 T2B
15 Box Jumps 20″


Join us Saturday at 12 at CrossFit Mid-County to participate in the “CG-35 Memorial WOD” in honor of the air crew that died in the CG 65-35 helo crash on February 28, 2012. This workout is open to anybody willing to tackle it; scalable to any level. If you are a Coastie please wear a USCG PT shirt. See you guys on Saturday!

“CG 65-35”
4 rounds
800m run
5 squat clean and jerks 155/115
3 muscle ups
5 burpee over the box jumps 24/20


Our women’s tank tops have arrived. If you reserved yours you can pick it up in the office. We also have new stock of mens XL shirts so if you didn’t get one that you liked last time now is the time!

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  • Danielle H

    I’m very excited for today’s WOD!

  • Jason G.

    115# Front Squats, knees to elbows, 20″ box

  • Aaron

    That was humiliating to say the least. My worst WOD performance ever, but I finished.
    85#, K to E, 20″

  • Dena

    This was a tough one. 16:49 RX. Scaled up on weight and box jumps. 85# front squats and 20″ boxes.

  • Scott

    13:59; 95 # FS, K2E, 20″. Glad I could make it to CFB today – couldn’t have made it without some help. Thanks, C.

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