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Overhead Squats - One of the best full body exercises

WOD 8/15/11

Deadlift 3-3-3-1-1-1

AMRAP in 5 minutes:

30 Double Unders

20 Box Jumps (30/24)

Cool Down: Stretch your hamstrings and glutes

Hope everyone had a blast in Dallas this weekend! If you set a PR let us know in the comments!

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  • Neal

    3 rounds, 30 double unders, and 12 box jumps for the WOD.

    P.s. this was WOD 2 at the dallas competition this weekend

  • Marc

    18 shots at the bar afterwards. PR by 3!!!

  • amber

    Since the WOD wasn’t posted this a.m. the rooster crew got special treatment! First time to RX Annie: 13:14. Oh and 185# for deadlift.

  • Jason

    I PR’d my alcohol intake over the last week and a half. This is gonna suck. Did you know it is possible to add 10 lbs in only a week. Gotta love Mexico. Paleo here I come.

  • Nathan

    25 unbroken DU’s
    135# Snatch

    and I think I may have bought more shots than Marc this weekend…

  • Scott Caldwell

    2 days a week just does not cut it. Coaching Pee Wee football is time consuming. I am used to 4-5/wk. I was hanging in there for a while but now I feel it slipping away.

    2rnds + DUs and 6 jumps on an 18″ box
    went ahead and finished the 3rd rnd but it took 6 mins total

  • Sean

    305# DL
    2 rds + 30DU + 17 jumps RX

  • Sheree Pierce

    Amber RX’d Annie, but I at least took 17 seconds off mine. (12:36 with 3x’s sgls) I thought I’d PR’d my deadlift until I went to record it and discovered I’d done that weight back in June. Don’t rremember THAT one! 205#…will be 210# next time!

  • CA

    345# DL
    3 rounds even in the WOD rx

  • Nedab

    175# snatch this weekend (40#pr)

  • Jason

    Dang Nedab! That’s impressive!

  • Clint

    DL-185-205-225-245-265-275 PR

    WOD – 2 rounds + 1 DU (Scaled to 10 DU, 30″ box RX). 1st time doing double unders…..going to take some practice.

  • Stephanie

    215# on the deadlift. Tied with PR.

    2rds + 35 singles (scaled to 20″ Box) Had to scale to singles at the end. Freaking hair kept hitting the rope!

  • JJ

    3 rds + 25 DU’s RX

    no DL. did weighted dips and pullups. got up to 45 # with different sets of reps

    then came at 7 for fridays wod: 20 burpees 800m run 60 situps 10 burpees 800 m run 60 situps 400m run 10 burpees 30 situps 10 burpees 16:13

  • Nakia Langley

    PR FOR DEADLIFT TODAY WENT FROM 205# TO 265# Second time ever doing deadlifts in my life! !! Did it twice in front of a Coach (Clayton) to make sure they were ligit!!!! Got 2 full rounds and 10 box jumps short of 3rd round.
    Scaled down to 15 DU’s, 20 box jumps but on a 16″ box….

  • Jason

    #345 DL. 2 rounds and 20 DU’s @20 DU’s per round. Im getting better at these but not fully Rxd yet.

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