New Class Time


We will be adding a 5am class on Monday, Wednesday, Friday only. The first class will be Wednesday, September 5, since we won’t have any morning classes on Labor Day. This will be on a trial basis for now to gauge the attendance and interest for this time slot. We hope to offer a 4pm class on Tuesday and Thursday sometime in late October after we finish our CrossFit Kids program.


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  • Scott

    Perfect. I’m all about the 5 am class. That means I can run longer after Crossfit class before heading off to work. I usually only have time to run 4 miles after the 6 am class. With the 5 am class, I could run up to 12 miles if I wanted after Crossfit. I’ll probably keep it to between 6-8 miles though. I love it. Not liking missing class this week, but I pulled a calf muscle playing raquetball and need to rest it. All swimming this week.

  • cody

    You and your Damn running scotty. Haha

  • Danielle H

    ugh. i wish i was a morning person and could get to the class that early! maybe i’ll try…one day.

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