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Nedab Can Row Fast

 WOD 12/2/11

Deadlift 10-5-3-5-10

Increase or decrease weight as necessary between each set. Try to make your second set of 5 and 10 heavier than the first.


In 3 minutes:

Row 500m

remaining time max reps Ground to Over Head (115/75)

Rest 3 min

Then 3 Rounds:

20 KB swings (53/35)

50 Double Unders


Within 30 seconds follow with 1 set of max dead hang pull ups

Rest 2 minutes

One more set of max dead hang pull-ups

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  • Burt

    thats what happens when you have a rower at your house…

  • Sabrina

    Guess I need to start using that more…I def do not row like him.

  • cassi

    awesome! I will not have to do any ground to overhead!!

  • Jeremy J

    Good workout. Those deadlifts did a number on me so my kb/jump rope workout really suffered.

    Row with 12 ground to overhead in 4 minutes. 115# & Got the full 500 meters too!

    9:?? 53# kb and 50singles on first round, 30 on the last two.

    5 deadhang pull ups then 4 on second attempt.

  • jason

    I wish “practice” would help me be as good as Brian. Superstar!

  • Nedab

    275,335,385,385,335# on dl was losing grip on the last two sets

    10 ground to overhead rx
    Rx kb and double unders, and that hurt a lot after yesterday my arms said no!

  • Jason

    225, 275, 335, 315, 275/ 13 reps/ 7:53 Rx’d.

  • Stephanie

    6 reps rx WOD1
    7:46 or :52 rx WOD2

  • Erin

    DL: 115#-135#-155#-155#-135#
    Rowed 400m then 6 GTOH @ 68# (have I ever mentioned I hate rowing?!)
    11:10 RX

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