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Tiffany & Stephanie - Catch them every week night at 6pm

 WOD 12/6/11

Back Squat 5-5-3-3-1-1


AMRAP in 5 minutes:

5 Wall Ball

5 Kettlebell Swings

Score is total number of rounds completed.


Tabata Mash-Up

Double Unders

Toes To Bar

Tabata is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. You will alternate between exercises doing a total of 8 rounds for each movement. Score is total number of double unders completed and toes to bar completed (two seperate scores).


We are having a Christmas Party this Saturday at CFMC. For information go to the facebook event page. All are invited!


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  • Sheree Pierce

    I LOVE these kinds of wods. Not that they’re easy, (I was left ON THE FLOOR…TWICE today) I think they just play well to my ADD.
    130# back squat for a 2# PR!
    7 rds on the amrap but I used a 14# ball and a 35# kb! I do believe that’s the usual RX weights!
    286 singles and 54 kneesUP on the tabata. 10 seconds was NOT enough time to record and get to the next station. the most singles in one round was 51(very last thing) and the most kneesUP was 12 (first round.)

    Fara will give details but I will say CONGRATS and that she was definitely in BEAST MODE today!

  • Cody

    335 backsquat (legs still sore frOm my Saturday leg workout) 7 rounds with 70# kb and 25# med ball. 58 toes to bar and 320 singles.

  • Amber

    New PR!!! 165 back squat… And cousin (tara pierson) did 155!!

  • Mitchel

    really wish i could have been there for this one. i’ve been looking forward to getting a new PR on BS.

  • Fara

    Not beast mode…but thanks sheree for calling me a beast! Lol!

    185# on BS, 10#pr…. Didn’t realize until today that I hve been been back squatting more than I weigh… Sounds impressive considering i don’t have a body like Erin (just hopeful)! 😉

    9 rds RX (14#, 35#), 312 singles & 53 knee ups 🙂

  • Austin

    315 on squats, guess that is a PR since that was the first time I have done them.

    9 Rounds (10#, 35#), 207 singles & 74 Knee ups

  • nedab

    345# pr
    i think i got 10 rds, kinda lost count 30#, 70#
    tabata- i have no idea

  • Dena

    210 on back squat. PR by 10 lbs. 9 rounds on amrap with 10 lb ball and 53 lb kettle bell.

  • Dena

    20 lb ball not 10!

  • Jeremy J

    265# back squat. Pretty pumped cause the whole knee surgery thing in August.. Never maxed a back squat so I would assume that’s a pr.

  • Erin

    Shit Dena!! 9 rounds with a 53# KB?! You continue to amaze me!!
    115# on the back squat- 5# PR.
    6 rounds with a 20# wall ball and a 45# KB.
    Good job everyone on the PR’s today!!

  • Stephanie

    185# back squat.
    8rds plus 6 wb and 1kb swing. 14#wb, 45#kb
    45 toes to bar, 136 double unders

  • Stutes

    9 rounds (53# & 20#) + 5 wall balls and 4 kb swings
    54 toes to bar, singles ?????

  • Austin Smith

    195# BS. 8 rounds 20#/55#.

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