Living Dead



WOD 5/2/11


With A Partner:

Partner 1 does 7 burpees

Partner 2 does Max Rep Dumbbell Thrusters (45#/30#)

Once partner 1 completes the burpees you switch. First partner to complete 75 thrusters wins.

To scale, one partner can use lighter dumbbells, or one partner can do less burpees each time.

Tabata Handstand Hold or Overhead Dumbbell Hold

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  • Neal

    I had a blast at WW3.5 this weekend. I hope everyone else enjoyed it also

  • StephenW

    It was a lot of fun. Can’t wait till the next one.

  • hardyf

    It was a good time! I would have liked to stayed longer, but either way I am ready for the next one.

  • jj


  • StephenW

    I’ll be there at 5. This one is going to be fun…and rough.

  • Nedab

    sean and I did it… wasnt fun

  • Sean

    Did the WOD with 35#. By the time I finished I was too wasted to remember to look at the clock. I think I finished between 15 and 15:30?

  • JJ

    going into this i thought it would be “fun”. after doing it. i know it wasnt fun.
    me and John G went head to head with 30# finished in the 12’s maybe it was 13. we had the same prob sean.

    but it really was fun going head to head and staying together the whole way yet pushing it hard the whole time. (didnt try to stay together but we were even)

    john technically won but he went first so completed his thrusters before i got a chance to hit 75. we were both DEADDDD

  • nakia Langley

    love this pic & thanks for coming to my race. Glad you all had a blast. next one is looking like oct/nov in winnie tx. And I will not make it same time as tough mudder I will be competing in that one 🙂

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