Lift Heavier


Stefan Goes Hard

WOD 2/15/12 

Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 (75-85% of max)


5 Rounds:

5 Jumping Lunges per leg

5 Burpees

25 Double Unders

7 minute Cut-off


Rest about 4 minutes:


2 Rounds:

20 Box Jumps (24/20)

15 Dumbbell Snatch Right Arm

15 Dumbbell Snatch Left Arm (45/30)


We want EVERYONE to compete in the CrossFit Open this year. The first step is to get your profile set up at You can still participate with us in the Open workouts on Saturdays at 1pm if you don’t register. If you don’t plan on RX’ing the workouts then it’s unnecessary to register; but we want as many people as possible to join us on Saturdays to compete in the WODs.

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  • Neal

    Me and Kara did double fran this morning at 7am for our punishment WOD

    11:03 RX It was tougher getting ready mentally than it actually was; although it was still pretty tough.

  • JeremyWF

    1st WOD – 3:28 rx
    2nd WOD – 4:23 rx

    My legs were dead on the 2nd WOD.

  • ShereePierce

    Good job on DoubleFran, Neal and Kara. Kinda fun watching and cheering y’all for a change!
    I did 80% max (165) for 1st set of 5 but had to drop it every time so I backed up to 145. Still pretty heavy. Fara said its because it’s muggy. I’ll just go with that.
    I saw WOD 1 as a 7 min amrap and got 3 rds + lunges and burpees. (regular lunges and 3x sgls)
    6:33 on WOD 2 on a 16″ box (too many to go 20″) and 15# db.
    It’s a good day at CFB!

  • Fara

    Great job Neal and Kara!

    Today was alittle tough…those jumpin lunges were hell on the legs and booty! My legs will feel it later!
    185# DL 5×5
    WOD 1: 7 singles shy of the full 5 rounds
    WOD 2: 6:01 16″ box, 20# DB

  • JJ

    3:36 rx and 4:28rx

  • BeckyReddoch

    135# on the deadlift

    1st wod: 5:53 but only did 15 DUs each round (jumping lunges were the worst! my legs were on fire!!)

    2nd wod: 4:45 @ 20″ and 25# DB

  • Clint

    Is double Fran 2 rounds or 1 round of 42-30-18? Either way that’s impressive.

  • Neal

    its 21-15-9-21-15-9

  • Jason

    5:26 Rx.
    4:11 Rx

  • Jamie Coleman

    6:03•3x singles
    Max DL 235#

    Why are you guys punishing yourself Neal?

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