Lever Action


WOD 9/1/11

Strength- Max Medball Cleans or Atlas Stone cleans in 90 sec. – Be sure you pass through a full squat before standing

5 Rounds For time:

5 cleans (135/95)

20 sit-ups

10 DL (same bar)

20 Russian twist

Cashout- Spend 5 mins stretching with a band

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  • amber

    65# 8:51 ….had a blast with my fellow roosters this morning. They really are the only reason I can drag out of bed some mornings….this morning was one of them!

  • Serennah

    53# 13:53…. had so much fun this morning I forgot how tired I was when i got there!!!Love all of you guys in the morning you are awesome!! Well said Amber!!

  • Sheree Pierce

    If you missed Rooster Crew this morning, you missed a good time! The wod is a good one, but the roosters are what makes it FUN! 100%, Amber and Serennah!

    13:50 w/ 68#

    Oh, and I cleaned the small Atlas stone!

  • Sheree Pierce

    Looks like we didn’t sdo exactly what we were supposed to do on the med ball cleans. We just went as far as we could…no 90 secs. Oh, well, Kara didn’t get much sleep. We’ll make up for it!

  • Amber

    Sheree, we aren’t supposed to admit that! Lol

  • Neal

    11 cleans with the big stone. would have been 13 but I had two reps where I dropped it at the bottom of the squat

  • Miguel

    Got called into work last minute, looks like I’ll be missing today’s wod. No bueno.

  • Clayton

    16 clean with the big ball. 16:47 Rx on the Met-Con

  • Clint

    Gonna have to do this one another day. Are the Russian twists done with a med ball?

  • JJ

    12:22 rx + 10# situps and twists. happy i was toucn and go on all cleans. were pretty solid

  • Danno

    28 cleans with the smaller atlas stone and 9:59 rx + 6# twists for the wod. Definitely did Not touch and go for the cleans lol, oh well.

  • StephenW

    You said you’d post a good level photo and you came through. Looks like a classic.

  • Erin

    This is a cool picture!
    22 reps with a 25# med ball
    10:37 on the WOD. I used 75# and started with a 10# med ball for the twists but had to ditch it after the second round.

  • Sean

    16 cleans with the big stone
    10:05 RX + 10# medball twists
    After today’s WOD I felt like a man beast because I was hurting like one!

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