Kingdom Come


WOD 5/21/12

Back Squat:

1X5 @ 65%,

1X5 @ 70%,

1X5 @ 75%,

1X5 @ 80%  rest 2 min. between each set.


For Time:
75 Burpees
50 Hang Power Cleans 95/65
25 Strict Pullups


For Memorial Day, Monday, May 28 we will have a limited schedule and only have the 11:30am and 6pm class.


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  • Clint

    When doing these back squat workouts should we go heavier if possible and do extra sets or just stick to the percentages and number of sets based on our known one rep max?

  • Neal

    If you’re finding that the percentages are easy I would scale up accordingly. However if you’re failing some sets stick to the percentages.

  • Sheree Pierce

    Ladies, wear your capris.

  • Jj

    Well got over the ankle then hurt the hamstring. So some bench press work and

    15 min amrap 5 dh Pullups 10 pushups 15 situps. 10 rx. Finally see some improvement on my pushups

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    burpee Monday after Sunday funday makes for a difficult afternoon especially when it’s 90°.

    17:46 rx.

    not a real good time. that was pretty rough. thank god mr pukie didn’t show up.

  • Kimball

    Hey guys! Some of your CFB family will be playing a two softball games tonight at 6:30 & 7:30 on the fields on College St. COME SUPPORT THE WOD SQUAD!

  • toben

    clint- in addition to what neal said i would also like to add that if you are breezing through the higher percentages with good form it may be time to go for a new 1RM and then recalculate to make the best use of your time within the parameters of the protocol.

  • Clint

    % of 250# on back squats
    13:47 on WOD RX. Had a few iffy reps on the hang cleans where I didn’t quite open my hips all the way at the top of the lift. Made up for it with my 12 no reps on the pullups. Those took forever. Thanks for the push Mike and Chris.

  • Matthew V

    11:58 RX
    Squat percentage 200lb.. Time to find a new 1rm

  • josh t.

    275# X5 on last set.
    10:32 rx on wod

  • Dena

    Worked out with 175# on last set of back squats, think its time to max out agian.

    12:59 RX on the WOD, no bands on pull-ups!! Whoooop!

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