WOD 6/20/12

5X1 Power Clean & Push Jerk @ 75% – rest 60 sec. between sets


3 rounds for total reps of:

Max Effort UnBroken Perfectly Vertical KBS 55/35
Max Effort UnBroken Thrusters 115/75#

Rest 2-3 minutes between efforts


Mark your calendars; We will be holding an event Sunday, July 15 from 1-3pm. It won’t be a competition; just a bada$$ workout we hope everyone is willing to take on!

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  • Garret

    Neal-Is it 75% of our max clean any style as is posted on midcounty? Or is it 75% of our max clean and jerk? I hated to miss yesterday, but I needed one more recovery day from Saturday.

  • Neal

    Garrett – Either is fine. If you want to go with the heavier of the two that is fine. If you want to use a little less that works too

  • Clint

    Felt good to get back to it after being sick for 10 days. 155-165 c&j. WOD (30/7, 27/8, 25/8) RX

  • Neal

    185-205 clean and jerk

    26-16 RX just wasn’t feeling it today

  • Scott

    Like Clint, it felt good to get back to Crossfit after 10 or 11 days of forced rest due to this nagging arm injury (tendon). Makes me appreciate CFB that much more. Did the WOD with Aaron, and we kept it at 145 C&J with 45 lb. KB (40/10, 35/10, 26/10). Glad to be back in the groove. Arm felt good.

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