Kettlebell Skillz


Congrats on the new Deadlift PR Heather!

p.s. Heather actually lifted a lot more than shown in the picture, sorry Heather 😉

WOD 4/25/11

Kettlebell Skill Work:






5 Rounds:

30 seconds sit-ups

30 seconds kettlebell swings (53/35)

30 seconds sit-ups

30 seconds rest

Score is number of sit-ups and swings completed during the entire workout. Post scores to comments.

We will have classes on Saturday but there will be no open gym on Sunday and we will only have classes at 4pm and 5pm on Monday. Have a great memorial day weekend.

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  • Neal

    Dang Heather, Just noticed you were on the CFMC blog yesterday. You’re all over the place!

    Cassi – I don’t know why but your comments are ALWAYS marked as spam which is why they never show up immediately. For some reason wordpress thinks your comments are shady or something.

  • Heather

    I know!! Thanks for putting me out there. What’s up with my faces on DL’s?

  • Sheree

    LOVE that pic, Heather. I am SO proud of you!
    Today I used a 30# kb for the workout (that’s UP for me!) I got 32 reps every round until #5 and I pushed it and got 37. 165 total. It was a good simple workout that left me on the floor. Good thing the sit-ups were last!

  • Cassi

    Yeah, me and wordpress are not the best of friends!!!

  • toben

    246 @ 53#

  • Becky

    @heather— those faces are ur inner beast coming out! awesome job!!

    233 @ 30#KB on the WOD

    45# KBs for the farmers carry, and 20#DBs for the waiter carry in the cash out

  • JJ

    279 RX

  • jacob

    Just crushed a wod at red river. 390 rep total on fight gone bad remix consisting of row, double unders, hspu, candlesticks to levers, and air squats. Great wod and a great box out here.

  • JJ

    what is a candlestick to lever?

  • Sean

    263 RX, didn’t feel like that tough of a WOD, but the 4 min AMRAP after put me down for the count

  • Jacob

    Complicated. Progression move before the rings. Google it or look on

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