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 WOD 9/21/12

2,2,2,1,1 Back Squats @ 90-95% – rest 2 minutes.


Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes (10 total rounds):

21 Double-Unders
7 Pullups
3 Ground to Overhead

Notes: The goal is to finish the effort having completed each round within the time limit, and to have done it with the heaviest possible weight on the bar. Do not use a weight so heavy that you will not be able to finish a round, but also do not underestimate. You may take weight off, but you MAY NOT add weight at any time. Score is the total number of rounds completed and weight used for the final round. If you need to scale the number of double unders and pull-ups to finish each round in the given 90 seconds.

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  • Scott

    Really liking the 5 am class time. Gives me more time in the morning. The key in this WOD is to move on after :30 seconds of DUs, regardless of if you’re at 21 DUs or not. That’s the only way I had enough time to get to the pullup bar and back in time to do the GTOs.

  • Aaron

    Not gonna sugar coat it, THAT SUCKED!
    95% of 260 squats
    18 total C n J’s

  • Aaron

    Started at 135 but had to go to 115 after second round

  • Sheree Pierce

    Great working out with the Zombie Crew this morning. We were anything BUT! I didn’t count the du’s but just spent the first 30 seconds working on them That way I got to go on to the other movements. I usually got 5-6 du’s, r/b bands on the pull ups (should have been b/p) and only 1 or 2 c/j each round at 83#. It was a loooooong 15 minutes!

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    Yes that did have some suckage.

    310# back squat. (15# pr)

    8 rds on wod (2xsingles, 155# c&j)

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