WOD 6/4/12

Back Squats:

1X5 @ 60%,

1×5 @ 65%,

1X5 @ 70%,

1X5 @ 75% – rest 2 minutes between sets.

10 Min AMRAP of:
4 Handstand Push-Ups
8 Hang Squat Snatches 75/55
16 KBS 55/35


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  • kimball

    Come support the WOD Squad tonight at the Beaumont Municipal softball fields. We play at 8:30 & 9:30!

  • Sheree Pierce

    I GOT UP INTO THE BANDS FOR HSPU WITHOUT HELP!!!!!!! Due to the newness of that and the form insturction/correction on the hsn, I only got 2 rds + hspu and 1 hsn (35#). BUT I got up into those bands BY MYSELF!!! So it was a good day at CFB!

  • Sheree Pierce

    “hsn” should be “hss.”

  • Brandon

    And my ugly mug is the photo of the day. I now feel guilty for being so tied up that I couldn’t make it but one day last week.

  • Dena

    170 on BS
    3 complete rounds plus 5 snatches. Used 58 on snatches/ 45 KB/ and used one mat on HSPU. Tried to do them RX but just couldnt get them going.

  • cody VAN

    240,260,280,305 on squats. 4 rounds + 11 kb swings rx.

  • Clint

    % of 250 on sqats. 3 rounds + 8 squat snatch RX.

  • Chris adkind

    225# on last set of squats. 3 rounds plus 4 snatches with 1 mat on HSPU.

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    215# on last set of five

    3 rds rx. Man that heat got me today. Tougher than it looked.

  • Fara

    Got up to 155# on bs..
    4 complete rounds….well one shy kb swing cuz it flew back to far and scared me…lol!
    Red & blue band hspu, 45# ss, 35#kb

    Used blue and red on hspu, is it just me ir does it seems like red bands are very limited. 🙁 I hope no one is bringing them home & not returning them.

  • Jon

    4 rds plus through the HSS
    Rx except 1 ab mat

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